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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dhabitah Tag Me!

Question 1: What were you doing 5 years ago?
Answer : If i'm not mistaken.... on 2003 is the start of my Hell World.......... ok, i'm in form 3, i'm facing PMR by that time... but.... i'm not studying..... instead i'm doing something else..... since now is Oct 2008, so i bet on Oct 2003..... i'm loafing and enjoying my Hell World with my friends.....!!!!! that's the truth....!!!!

Question 2: What are the 5 things on your to-do list today?
Answer :
1. Finish my report
2. Things to buy list
3. Prepare breakfast for dad
4. Clean the house
5. Prepare for my transfer to ancak's house

Question 3: What are the 5 snacks that you enjoy?
Answer : Okey..... truly i'm a health and food cautious person.... so basically i don't eat any junk food or snacks that i feel not good for my body......so here we go.....
1. Selected Cadbury chocolate....(maybe once in a month)
2. Pecal (vegetables that being boil for a while)
3. Fruits.....(a lot of it)
4. Yogurt.....( no added flavour)
5. Maggi asam laksa........ (also once in a month.... or when i think of it.... which is not everyday, but added with vegetables, eggs, meats, etc...)

Question 4: What are the 5 things that you would do if you were a billionaire?
Answer : we only can dream for the impossible..... so if the impossible become possible.... so this is my answer..........
1. Built a house for us Kyrez
2. Go for umrah and hajj
3. Built a house for dad
4. Go travel with my lovely husband......when i have one....hahha..
5. Truly i'm fanatic with Japan.... so i wanna built a house in Japan and meet with selected Japanese people (Gackt, Kame)

Question 5: What are the 5 jobs you've had?
Answer : Not work but studying but, done my practical... can it be count?
1. Education officer...(practical only)
2. Student.... it is the hardest job.....!
3. Waitress and chef in a restaurant......
4. PLKN....... don't even ask about it......
5. Decent daughter...........don't say anything....

OK...finally the 5 lucky people that hopefully will continue this tag:
Answer : em...... still new in this blog stuff..... so...,
1. Iman Elora
2. Viviana Vox
3. Erika Sofea
4. Rya Sophylea
5. Akira

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When a LADY is not arguing,
She is thinking deeply.

When a LADY looks at you with eyes full of questions,
She is wondering how long you will be around.

When a LADY answer "I'M FINE" after a few seconds,
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