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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Pastry and Serving and Kitchen + Buses Outing......

"Bachelor in Science Study (HONOUR) Tourism Management - Minor Hotel"

Owh.... did i translate it correctly??? Ooo well in Malay would be, "Ijazah sarjana Muda Sains (KEPUJIAN) Pengurusan Pelancongan - Minor Hotel"...... This is what i'm taking right now... for 2 year... (hoping no extend2.....) Trying to life in in this university is not as easy as i thought.... However, i really like taking minor hotel courses.... not as i seem... but exceed my expectation....

Learned bout serving, do pastry, cooked in kitchen (* oh well... all In The Correct Manner) also learned how to use buses and also commuters. *although only go to Mid Valley, it can be consider ok right now, at this time saying...

My promise: lots of picture from all of these classes... that will be my achievement and also my great memory....

Never Though
HUHU..... never thought have to stand and cook for 6 hours (plus.... clean the kitchen also)....
Huhu.... never ever thought have to stand and serve people like in a restaurant.... plus, we also have to find customer for our serving class.......
Never Ever In My Life I Would Come Across With Serving...... Every week is the greatest memory (*although quite tiring... that is serving) no matter how long it is, when you have interest in it... it doesn't feel that long...

Enjoy picture-seeing in here ya....(mixes of my pastry, kitchen, serving and buses outing)

Appertizer : Breaded King Prawn with Tar Tar Sauce
Cooking Session : I'm the supervisor + camera lady...
Main Course: Sirlion Steak with Black Pepper Sauce accompanied with Fries and selected Sauteed Vegetables
Pastry TIME : the 1st class.... full of anxiety and not knowing + confusion.
Serving Class : Learning to serve with actual meals.... hungriness.....
Buses Outing : Waiting for bus forever more unseen
Buses Outing : With my closes friend....
Buses Outing : Tatiana+me+Nuridah
Pastry Session : Hot Hot Soft Roll out from massive oven

Pastry Session : Fruit Platter in proses
Pastry Session : Phone Picture-Seeing Time while waiting dough rise
Pastry Session : Finished Fruit Platter-ing

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